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Site Map

House training puppies - a simple approach to housebreaking your puppy.

Welcome to the ultimate website for dogs - Click here for the  1st-in-dogs homepage.

Dog training tips and hints to help you tame your pet - An article to provide you with some basic tips and hints to assist with dog training.

Dog Health - This article discusses the issue of dog health as well as providing some advice for owners with arthritic dogs.

Pet Supplies: Tips and hints for buying dog supplies online - Read this article to gain some useful tips when buying pet supplies online.

Tips and hints for effective flea control - If you own a dog then at some stage you will probably have a flea problem.

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Links - check out our partner sites.

Dog toys and gifts - How to spoil your dog in 10 ways or less - a list of 10 great  gifts for your beloved pet.

Pet Memorials - a lasting memory of a beloved pet - if you have lost a pet then you may be considering a pet memorial. This short article will provide some information that may assist in your decision-making.

Choose the best dog food and dog treats and you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy dog - the type of foods you feed your dog reflect the quality of its life.

Dog Grooming Tips and Hints - a few tips to help you groom your dog.

Dog Publications - dog magazines, dog books, CD's and DVDs - you can find them all online.

Dog Clothes - not just a fashion accessory - Dog clothes are not only a fashionable accessory for your pet; they can also have more practical benefits, most importantly protection from the elements.

Dog Breeds - a guide to choosing the best dog breed for you and your family.

Fleas - natural methods of eradicating fleas on your dog and in your home.

Dog Beds - a guide to choosing the correct dog bed for your pet.



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