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Dog food and treats

Choose the best dog food and dog treats and you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy dog

Choosing the best dog food for your pet can be a daunting experience. The range of dog foods available on the market today has exploded with a huge variety for all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for a specific dog food or just simply some dog treats you need to keep in mind that to maintain the health of your dog you need to feed him or her quality products.

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The first step is to feed your dog a wide variety of different foods to ensure that your pet is receiving all of the required nutrients. This will assist in maintaining its health. If you don?t have the time to prepare your dogs meals then by all means use a prepared dog food. The key however is maintaining variety. Don?t continue to use the same dog food day after day as it will most likely not have the recommended nutrients and your dog won?t be happy either.

If you are using prepared dog foods then ensure that you allow your pet a meal of raw meat at least once or twice a week. Raw chicken wings are cheap and dogs love them. Never give your dog cooked bones. These will only splinter and get caught in your dog?s throat. Raw bones are great, particularly the large soup type bone. Dogs will chew on them for hours.

Best Offers

  • Smokehouse Favorites Natural Dog Snacks - No bones about it - dogs love the smell of bacon! We get that smokehouse bacon flavor (without all the extra sodium, nitrates, and animal fat) from vegetarian bacon bits.

  • We can highly recommended SitStay.com for dog food and treats including dog chews, bones, cookies and kibble.

Although vegetables are not considered a traditional dog food they are eaten and liked by many dogs. Mix them in cooked with their food or provide raw as dog treats. A lot of dogs love chewing on a raw carrot. Don?t overdo the vegetables; dogs will eat them but it should not be the mainstay of any dog?s diet. They are after all carnivores and require meat to survive.

If you have an overweight dog then consider many of the dietary dog foods available on the market today. Some of these products can be expensive but if they serve to bring your dog?s weight down to an acceptable level then you are not only improving your dog?s health but are saving money in future vet bills. Overweight dogs have greater health problems and the trips to the vet will cost you way more than the cost of the dog food.


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