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Dog Toys & Gifts

Dog toys and gifts: How to spoil your dog in 10 ways or less

Your dog can provide you with so much pleasure so they deserve a treat now and then. These days you can choose from a wide variety of dog toys and dog gifts and you can do it all from the comfort of your home. If you are looking for a dog gift, but aren?t too sure what to get, take a look at the ten suggestions below. These dog gifts are just a few of hundreds of different products now available online.

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  1. DOG-OPOLY Game at DogToys.com - More a gift for you than you dog, but then you deserve something special too.
  2. Foldable Dog Bowl - Metal or plastic bowls are clunky and hard to carry, but when travelling with your dog, whether to the High Sierras or just an afternoon at a little league game, it's only humane to bring along a bowl and a water supply for your trusty companion. Two sizes make it easy to offer your dog a drink on the road. This packable bowl made of pack cloth, cordura, and rip-stop nylon, folds down into it's own pocket, about the size of a pocket-pack of facial tissues! Clip it on your belt loop, or on your dog's leash as you and your dog travel, hike, or just hang out in the great outdoors. It's waterproof and holds a quart of water. Machine-washable too.
  3. Happy Dog Toys Tug Master - The Original Tuggin?, Talkin? Dog Toy! Unique Tug-O-Meter measures pull strength and sound box features six fun, catchy phrases such as: You the dog!? and C?mon, get tough!?. Comfort grip and flexible rubberized dog grip. Includes 2 AA batteries.
  4. Happy Dog Toys Atomic Saucerball - Two favorite dog toys in one - a flying disc and a tennis ball. The removable standard tennis ball provides extra weight and stability during flight, allowing the disc to soar great distances. Ball angles disc on the ground, allowing the dog to retrieve the disc more easily. Assorted bright colors.
  5. Modern Dog Magazine 4 issues - Modern Dog is the glossy, high-end lifestyle magazine for urban dogs and their companions featuring expert advice, dog-friendly travel destinations, full fashion spreads, the latest accessories for your pooch and whats new in the doggie world.
  6. 4/pk Simpson's Vinyl Dog Toys - Whether it's a can of Duff, a donut or a hamburger, these vinyl toys, replicas of items commonly found in the Simpson's home, will be your dogs favorite. Each one squeaks for added fun. Assorted items in each 4 pack.
  7. 2/pk Happy Dog Toys Tastems Flavored Tennis Balls - Happy Dog tennis balls just got tastier! Tastems are standard tennis balls and are available in tantalizing Peanut Butter and Mint flavors.
  8. Super Pet Bounce Back Toys - Bounce Back is the tantalizing, treat dispensing toy combination that small pets can't resist! This interactive toy can be filled with your pet's favorite treats. Ferrets can pounce and push over this toy, but it always bounces back.
  9. Dog World 12 issues - Everything you need to know for the recreational and high-performance canine athlete and working dog.
  10. Loving Touch - The Art of Pet Massage - Now you can learn the massage therapy techniques that can enhance the quality of your pet's life with the Art of Pet Massage Therapy videotape. This brief, but informative introduction to the art of pet massage is an upbeat and informative look at how you can begin to make a deeper and more lasting bond with your pet. Owners have reported consistently positive effects as a result of using these methods only once a week.

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